Deanne Hallman is a music educator, performer and creator. She has an Honours Bachelor Degree in Music from Waterloo University, Conrad Grebel College, and a Bachelor of Education, Music, from the University of Western Ontario.

As a singer-songwriter she has completed a debut CD, Hello World. This CD features original works recorded at home. It reflects Deanne’s initiation into the music world. At the age of 14, she began performing in the band, The Benevolent Groundhogs. Here, Deanne played bass, and guitar and became known for her Janis Joplin like vocals. Hello World has these flavours of rock and rasp, as well as orchestral, Africana, and jazzy colourings.

A singer-songwriter who can rock the house, belt the blues or sing a lullaby.

I Wanna Fly
By Liz Zetlin & Don Holman. Arranged and recorded by Deanne Hallman.
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Be Our Ally project
The song “beyoutiful”, is part of Sheatre’s “Be Our Ally" project.
Beautifully Worn
"Beautifully Worn" was published in, "Growing Up Gay in Bruce and Grey", found at the Ginger Press Book store in downtown Owen Sound, Ontario.
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